Hi, I am Belinda Burton , a photographer, a mother, a firm believer that laughter is the best medicine in life. I love vibrant colours, a good glass of wine, delicious cakes, occasional indulgence in a good Netflix drama, and seeing my daughter smile.

From a young age I always had an artistic flair; I spent a lot of time making my own toys, and have attempted endless crafts at all stages in my life. I picked up my first “big” camera (aka SLR) in my early adulthood, and since then it became one of my most joyful creative outlets. There became two ways of looking at the world – through my own human eyes, and through the lens. As I spent a lot of my time and resources in training, practices and equipment, it made sense to me to start up a photography business when I was still working in a corporate job – which strangely enough, required comprehensive exercise of my logical brain. Several years ago, the passion took over and I decided to set up my own photography studio (situated in Crouch End, North London) and be a full-time photographer. I love the technical challenges of being a photographer, but more importantly the fulfilment of bringing joy to other people, whether the occasions are weddings, family portraits, new-borns, or general portraits.

I am also trained and qualified as a make-up artist. Similar to being a portrait photographer it was about bringing out the best in and empowering people. The two have very similar dynamics – one involving painting with light and the other contouring with fine hair brushes and colourful palettes.

When I am not working I spend a fair bit of time at local parks and neighbourhood cafes. Please do come and say hi if you see me around!

Belinda Burton of Belle Photo Journey