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Hello and welcome to my website, Belle Photo Journey. I am Belinda Burton, the founder of the photography studio. I am: a portrait photographer, a mother to a cheerful toddler, a perfectionist and a firm believer that laughter can cure almost anything. I consider myself lucky as I am passionate about what I do. I love seeing those twinkles in people’s eyes and capturing them on images.

I have been creative for as long as I can remember, my artistic flair was reinforced by pursuit of many different forms of arts throughout childhood and adulthood. Once I found my outlet in photography, that passion stayed and grew within me. Over the years I indulged myself in endless ‘toys’ (aka photographic equipment), training and experimentation, which prompted me to start a photography business part-time and eventually I turned that full time.

I am also trained and qualified as a make-up artist. Similarly to being a portrait photographer it was about bringing out the best in and empowering people. The two have very similar dynamics – one involving painting with light and the other with colourful palettes!

My photography studio is based in Crouch End, North London, but I also travel and photograph on locations. Please do get in touch and see how I can be of help!

Before I get to know you, here is a bit about me:

Favourite colour: yellow
What I would order on a night out: a (or many) large glass(es) of red
Guilty pleasure: M&Ms (the ones with peanuts)
Other passions apart from photography: Food and travel
Favourite moments: 1) when my clients become emotional seeing their photos
2) when my daughter giggles
Belinda Burton of Belle Photo Journey

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